Returns & Buyer Protection Policy | Never Tracked Out Used Gear Trade - Never Tracked Out Gear Trade


To protect the buyer, sellers agree to ship their gear within 5 business days and to allow the buyer time to inspect the gear and verify it arrived in the same condition as it was advertised on Never Tracked Out Gear Trade. The length of time will be decided by the shorter of 2 business days after the buyer receives their delivery or 4 business days after it has been delivered to a post officeIf the buyer does not make him or herself available to the shipping carrier for delivery/pick-up then, and the carrier returns the gear to the seller, it will be done so at the buyer's expense. If the seller does not ship their gear within 5 business days the buyer has the option to cancel the order to obtain a refund.

If the gear matches the description and condition that was presented by the seller then the transaction is final and Never Tracked Out Gear Trade will pay the seller. If the gear does not match the description and condition that was presented by the seller, the buyer can Contact Us for possible re-negotiation of the price or return for refund of the gear. This gear inspection policy will only apply if the gear description or condition was falsified or misrepresented. All completed transactions are final.

If a seller is found to have falsified the description of the item, the seller's account will be reviewed for possible permanent suspension and the seller will be charged any necessary and reasonable fees for correcting the issue.

We provide detailed guidelines to sellers for rating the quality of the items they list at Never Tracked Out Gear Trade. Nevertheless, it might happen that you receive an item that you feel does not deserve as high a quality rating as the seller gave it. Never Tracked Out Gear Trade reserves the right to make its own determination as to the accuracy of an item's quality rating.

Attempts to abuse the Returns & Buyer Protection Policy will be investigated very seriously. Never Tracked Out Gear Trade reserves the right to suspend the account of any buyer or seller we feel has attempted to commit fraud by misusing this policy for his or her own personal gain. Never Tracked Out Gear Trade also reserves the right to withhold seller payment or charge the buyer or seller in order to recover damages related to fraud. In addition, abuse of this policy is a criminal offence and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This policy is meant to protect against fraud and scams and does not include returns for improper fit, style or change of mind or incidental damage caused by the buyer. You can, however, relist any improper fitting gear for free.

We want to create an enjoyable gear trade experience for all buyers and sellers and always welcome your feedback. Please Contact Us for any clarification of this policy.