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What Does 'Never Tracked Out' Mean?

'Tracked Out' is a term for describing outdoor trails that have been over-ridden and are no longer as good for the rider. Most of the gear on our site has been used, but not nearly enough to be 'tracked out', hence the name...'Never' Tracked Out. ;)

Where Is Never Tracked Out Located?

Our company is based in the beautiful town of Revelstoke, BC., where outdoor adventure is a way of life.

Does Never Tracked Out Have A Retail Store?

When creating Never Tracked Out, we wanted to design a platform that all outdoor enthusiasts across Canada could access, whether in a small town or a big city. This is why we chose an online platform to kick-start our gear community. We are always cooking up new ideas, so make sure to stay connected as we grow. You never know what might be around the next bend. ;)


What Is 'My Account'?

This is where your order history is kept. You can log-in to your account to view recent purchases, shipments in transit, past orders or just view your profile or make edits to your shipping address. This also helps us provide you with accurate and efficient customer service.

Logging In Or Creating An Account

Log-in HERE. Once you have an account your shipping information is automatically added to your cart for a more efficient check-out. To protect your security, your credit card information is never stored on our site.

Security & Buyer Protection

Is It Safe To Enter My Credit Card Information?

Your credit card information is never stored on our site. In addition to credit cards, we also accept Paypal & Apple Pay (when using a compatible device) if you are more comfortable with these payment options.

What's Your Privacy Policy?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information.

The Condition Of The Gear I Ordered Isn't As Advertised

To protect the buyer, we give you 2 business days after receiving their delivery or 4 business days after it has been delivered to a post office to view and inspect the product to ensure it's condition is as advertised. Please Contact Us if there is a discrepancy with the condition of your order. Please refer to our Returns & Buyer Protection Policy for detailed information.

The Gear I Ordered Doesn't Fit Properly

Because Never Tracked Out gear is often second-hand, the Returns & Buyer Protection Policy is meant to protect against the falsification of gear information, not improper fit, style or a change of mind. The good news is that you can relist any improper fitting gear for FREE.

 Service Fees

Why are there Service Fees At Checkout?

We charge a small service fee per order for all online purchases to cover our transaction, operating and marketing costs. This helps keep the site running so this gear share can fly and we can keep giving back to the planet!

Order Tracking

When Is My Order Shipped?

Once you complete your online purchase, the seller ships their gear to you within 1 to 5 business days. When the gear is shipped, you will receive an email notification with a corresponding tracking number. You can track your order right from our website with this tracking number HERE.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?

Shipping times will vary depending on the distance a package has to travel. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a tracking number that allows you to look up estimated delivery times & arrival dates.

What Shipping Carriers Do You Use?

Sellers choose which shipping carrier they want to use for each shipment, based on the most affordable option for the buyer.

How Can I Track My Order?

You will receive an email notification when your order ships. This email will contain a tracking number for you to look-up the status of your shipment. You can track your order right from our website with this tracking number HERE.

My Order Arrived Incomplete Or Damaged

Please Contact Us for support.


How Do I Ship My Gear?

If you aren't familiar with shipping procedures, the thought of shipping your gear might seem overwhelming. We are here to assure you that it's easier than you think. Let us help you out with some tips! :)

When it comes to shipping costs, the key variable that you have some control over is the dimensions of the shipment. Of course your shipment must be secure and protected but there is such thing as over packing. Packing smart is an easy way to save on shipping costs. Some carriers also offer shipping discounts for opening an account with them.

Canada Post offers an online service for buying shipping services ahead of time, printing a label and then just dropping off your package at one of their postal outlets. You can find this service HERE.

 TIP: You can look up rates on Canada Post's website. Sellers on Never Tracked Out have access to our savings with Canada Post including 5% OFF shipping costs, 5% OFF any packaging you purchase, $100 included insurance and expedited shipping for the cost of regular shipping. Just give our account number to Canada Post when shipping your gear. We will send you our account number after you are registered :).

Large or Bulky Items

We've listed some packaging tips below for your larger gear items. If you have tips of your own that you think might help other sellers, please share them with us at info@nevertrackedout.ca so we can list them here.


When finding a box to ship your bike it is good to remember that the larger the box the higher the shipping costs will be. Often bike shops will give away their old bicycle shipping boxes but some might charge a small fee. Some people have also found success in using old flat-screen TV boxes.

You will have to measure the height, width, length and weight of the box to estimate the shipping costs. You will also need the shipping address of the origin and the destination. You can enter that information HERE to get an estimate with Canada Post. 

 TIP: You can cut and fold boxes to try to trim the dimensions

Shipping a 32 pound box (14.5kg) measuring 42in x 28in x 8in (106.7cm x 71.1cm x 20.3cm) from Montreal to Ottawa is $42.00 and from Vancouver to Halifax is $64.05.


Greyhound bus seems to be the fastest, cheapest option for shipping skis between communities. Some of our sellers have made use of their freight services with great success.

There is also a great blog here that explains how to ship your skiis cost-effectively.

Snowboards & Wakeboards 

You best bet is to make a make-shift box out of cardboard. As long as it's taped nice and tight you should be alright. Making your own box or buying one not from the post office is going to save you quite a bit. You can also go to a local shop and ask for a snowboard box, they're usually really cooperative about it. Grab 2-4 cardboard boxes and tape them around the board like as sandwich. You also have the option to add insurance on it just in case (the insurance is really cheap).

Paddleboards & Surfboards



Recycling Shipping Boxes

If you ship and receive packages frequently, you may want to reuse and recycle the boxes as much as possible. If you have some boxes on hand, consider the following:

  • Take unused boxes back to the store from which you purchased them; frequently, companies will buy back your boxes or reuse them.

  • Locate a shipping center or box retailer in your area; often large retailers recycle or reuse the boxes for onsite purposes.

  • Take the boxes to your local landfill and ask about cardboard recycling. Most towns have a program in place, even if they don't pick up cardboard at the curb.

  • You can reuse your current boxes by simply turning a box inside out, turning the labels, company logo, and shipping information to the inside. You can now reuse this box with any carrier even if it didn't come from them in the first place.

  • Stop by copy shops, post offices and packaging stores to ask for any used boxes. Take the boxes home for free and turn each one inside out for a reusable product that didn't cost you or the Earth.

 Making Your Own Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials

There are a number of ways to make biodegradable and recyclable packaging items at home. Ideas include:

  • Shred newspaper and magazines - this can be used as protective packaging when sending items through the post or storing things at home. The shredded paper will both biodegrade and can be recycled.

  • Food packaging - instead of using disposable food packaging materials, consider using cleaned packaging from other food items. Clean ice cream tubs, for instance, have a variety of uses and reusing them in the home keeps the waste from landfills.

  • Reusable gift packaging - consider presenting gifts in a fabric bag which could later be used as a shopping bag.

  • Keep packaging to use again - for instance, keep large cardboard boxes or other containers for reuse. This is helpful to the environment as well as being a good way to save money.



The Seller Survival Guide is a complete step-by-step guide for sellers that takes you from signing up to managing your gear listings.

Why Sell on Never Tracked Out?

Sell your gear on Never Tracked Out and you help other outdoor enthusiasts like yourself get outside to play with quality, affordable outdoor gear, and in turn you help the planet by sending less to the landfill. Listing and selling your gear is FREE.You can list your gear for up to one year with no need to "bump up your listing", "repost" or deal with "no shows". We provide a secure platform with payment processing, local pick up and shipping options. 

How Do I List My Gear?

Step 1 is signing up. You can sign-up and list your gear HERE.

How Do I Edit/Delete A Gear Listing?

You can edit / manage / delete your gear listing from within your seller portal once you have created a seller account.

How Do I Get Paid?

If the sale is local you can connect directly with the customer to make an exchange in person. You have the option of collecting money directly from the customer or have them purchase your gear online (once we receive confirmation of the exchange we remit payment to you.) If you are shipping your item, you input the tracking number for your shipment in the 'Recent Orders' section of your seller portal, we can see when the customer has received the order. To protect the buyer, the customer has 2 business days after receiving their delivery or 4 business days after it has been delivered to a post office to view and inspect the product to ensure it's condition is as advertised. Once this time has passed, we assume the customer has accepted the order and we remit payment. We can send our seller payments through PayPal or E-transfer. Setting up a personal Paypal account is free of charge. 

What Are The Fees?

There are no fees for sellers. Free to list and free to sell! We collect the buyer's payment for you, including any shipping costs you requested the buyer pay. Once your gear is successfully delivered to the buyer, we remit the full payment with shipping to you.

What Happens When My Gear Sells Online?

We will send you an email with a fulfillment request that includes the order details. You just login to your seller portal to get the shipping details & fulfill the order request.  Simply ship the item to that address within 5 business days and REMEMBER to get a tracking number.  The tracking number is your protection.

How To Sign-Up

You can sign-up as a seller and list your gear HERE.